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Tenor Saxophone
Violin / Viola
Alto Saxophone
By renting high-quality, major-brand instruments, you give your child the best opportunity to succeed in their musical adventure.
We offer both YAMAHA and JUPITER brand instruments. Rental Rates:  $20-$65/mo. Month to month agreement. Minimum two months paid in advance. All rental payments may apply to purchase. Optional coverage plan available:  $3-$9/mo. Instrument exchange program provided.
High-quality,  major-brand  instruments are durable, play in tune,  function properly, and provide the best opportunity for your child’s  musical experience.
Today a quality instrument is expensive to manufacture.  You can rent these instruments for low monthly rates.
An option for a low cost coverage plan protects your child’s instrument from theft and damage while at home or school.
Should your child continue on with music,  your rental contract has a built-in purchase option that applies  payments toward the purchase of your rental instrument.
If your child changes instruments,  you can exchange while continuing to apply rental payments toward purchase of the new instrument. 
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