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Repair - Brasswinds 
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Below is a group of pictures showing the various instruments we have repaired or restored in our woodwind and brass wind shop.
Row 1:   Badly dented bell crook.  Using a Roth tool, dents are progressively pushed out with graduated dent balls.  Once brought to original dimension a burnisher and hammer are used to finish the repair. Row 2:  Twisted torn lead pipe caused from improper mouthpiece removal.  Progressively larger dent balls are pulled
though causing the pipe to untwist.  A patch made to cover the tear in the mouth pipe is soldered on, followed by buffing and re- lacquering. Row 3:.  Broken slide tube and crushed bell flare.  First repaired by cleaning, then  re- soldering tube, joints, and braces and finally the bell flare is restored.
Row 4: Red brass rot and pitted bell tail. Cleaned, then fabricated and soldered a nickel-silver patch, finally instrument is buffed and lacquered. Row 5: Conn double-belled euphonium. Ultrasonically cleaned, dents removed,  mouthpiece shortened for intonation, new felts and corks, port alignment, polished. 
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