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Below is a group of pictures showing the various instruments we have repaired or restored in our woodwind and brass wind shop.
The above pictures are of two saxophones repaired and restored at our shop.  The first twelve pictures are of a circa 1928 Conn New Wonder alto, a.k.a. Chu Berry named after Leon “Chu” Berry.  The last eight pictures are of a 1927 Martin Handcraft gold plated C soprano.  Each instrument needed a major overhaul.
Both instruments were disassembled, ultrasonically or chemically cleaned and hand polished.  The Chu Berry bell bow and body tube had to be soldered due to the joint dissolving from saliva over many years.  Bodies were aligned and de-dented.  Springs were replaced where necessary.  Keys were re-fit including swedging
over-sized hinge rods and hinge tube extensions.  Both saxophones were meticulously setup using white kangaroo pads, with metal resonators on the Chu Berry and gold rivets on the Martin.  Final steps for each instrument were full regulation for pad timing, lost motion, venting, toning, and play tested.  
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