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Instrument Repair 
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Repair Technician On-Site db music is proud to provide a certified technician trained in woodwind and brass wind repair.  Repairing musical instruments also requires specialized tools and training, both of which we are pleased to offer. .
On-Site Repair Facility
Working on a French Horn for one of the local high school band directors.
Frankie Rodriguez Certified Technician - Graduate of Red Wing Member of NAPBIRT
Play Condition to Restoration  Our repair shop is equipped to handle the smallest adjustment to the most demanding repair of your valuable instrument.
Ultrasonically Clean  The most advanced and safest way to clean your instrument is ultrasonically.  The instrument is submerged  in a 50 gallon tank of water with a mild detergent and is vibrated at 40,000 hertz, cleaning all surfaces of the instrument. .
Finding the Right Parts Many of the instruments today do not have replacement parts readily available.  With machining skills and the right tools, such as mills and lathes, we can fabricate many of the parts not available from suppliers. .
Brass Winds Woodwinds
Before and After Pictures